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About Emami East Bengal Football Club

Emami East Bengal FC is a renowned football club with a rich history and passionate fan base. The club has a legacy of competing at the highest levels of Indian football and has a strong presence in national and international competitions.

Project Goals

The goal of the website design project for Emami East Bengal FC was to create a modern, dynamic, and engaging website that serves as the primary online platform for fans, supporters, and stakeholders. The website needed to reflect the club’s identity, provide timely updates, and enhance the overall fan experience. project goals target audience

Target Audience

The target audience for the website included the club’s fan base, football enthusiasts, sponsors, media, and potential partners. The design aimed to cater to both local and global audiences, highlighting the club’s achievements and activities.

Design Approach design approach: banner
Club Identity Integration
The design embraced the club’s colors, logo, and visual identity to create a cohesive and recognizable online presence that resonated with fans.
Dynamic Visuals
High-quality images of players in action, historic moments, and fan celebrations were incorporated to evoke emotion and connect with the passion of football.
User-Centric Navigation
A user-friendly menu structure and intuitive navigation were prioritized to ensure easy access to information about fixtures, team details, news, and events.
News and Updates

A dedicated section was designed to provide the latest news, match updates, and press releases to keep fans informed and engaged.

Player Profiles

Individual player profiles featuring images, stats, and achievements were created to help fans connect with their favorite players and learn more about the team’s strengths.

Interactive Features
Interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, and fan forums were integrated to encourage fan participation and create a sense of community.
Mobile Responsiveness
The design was optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that fans could access information and engage with the website on the go.
Social Media Integration
Links to the club’s official social media profiles were strategically placed to foster engagement and encourage fans to connect on various platforms.

Wireframe Plan & Design Result


The collaboration between the design team and Emami East Bengal FC resulted in a highly successful website that achieved the project goals:

Wireframe Plan & Design Result conclusion: banner image


The website design project for Emami East Bengal FC successfully transformed their online presence, providing fans with an engaging platform to connect with their beloved football club. The design’s emphasis on user experience, dynamic content, and integration of interactive elements created a robust online community that fosters fan engagement and supports the club’s mission. The website now stands as a testament to the club’s legacy and commitment to its supporters.

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