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About S-Square Systems

S-Square IT Solutions is a leading technology company that offers a wide range of IT services, including software development, cloud solutions, automation, staffing and more. The company had a strong reputation in the industry but felt that their existing website no longer reflected their innovative and modern approach to technology solutions. They approached us to redesign their website to align with their brand identity and provide a user-friendly experience.

Project Goals

Design Approach design approach: banner
Visual Identity
We began by revamping the visual identity of the website. The color scheme was updated with vibrant red and modern grays to convey professionalism and innovation. Bold typography was chosen to enhance readability and create a contemporary aesthetic.
User-Centric Navigation

We restructured the navigation menu to be more intuitive. Services were categorized by verticals using a mega menu so users can find information efficiently.

Responsive Design

To ensure a consistent user experience across devices, we adopted a mobile-first approach. The design was optimized for various screen sizes, from desktop monitors to smartphones.

Services Showcase

Each service offering was given its dedicated page with detailed information, benefits, and relevant case studies. This allowed potential clients to better understand the value proposition and expertise of S-square.

Case Studies Highlight

We featured prominent case studies on the homepage to showcase the company’s successful projects. Each case study included problem-solving strategies, implemented solutions, and quantifiable outcomes.

Resourceful Blog

A blog section was integrated to share industry insights, trends, and technology updates. This demonstrated S-Square thought leadership and commitment to staying current in the IT landscape.

Strong Calls to Action

Throughout the website, strategically placed calls to action encouraged visitors to contact the company for inquiries, consultations, or to request more information.

Wireframe Plan & Design

before after icon


The redesigned website for S-Square was met with enthusiasm from both the client and their customers. The modern aesthetic and improved user experience led to:

The website successfully positioned s-square as a forward-thinking and reliable technology partner, attracting both potential clients and talented professionals interested in joining the company.

Wireframe Plan & Design Result conclusion


This web design case study exemplifies how a thoughtful and user-centered approach can transform an outdated website into a dynamic, engaging platform that effectively communicates a company’s strengths and capabilities. The collaboration between our design team and s-square resulted in a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate website that contributed to increased engagement, lead generation, and overall brand perception.

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