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Digital Marketing

A tailor made Digital Marketing strategy exclusively for your business

Unleash inorganic sales growth by generating 5x qualified leads with higher sales conversion rate. We can design and execute a fully researched Digital Marketing Strategy that can give you high ROI with limited budget.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Channel metrics and selection

Keyword planning and analysis

Creatives and Copy design

Campaign design and execution

Content promotion

Location & GEO targeting

Continuous performance optimization

Budget optimization

Mobile enhancements

Lead Generation and capture

Campaign custom reports

Cross integration with website

Google Analytics and AdWords certified

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Display Ads

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Landing pages are key entry and exit points for various Digital Marketing Campaigns and designing high impact landing page requires competition research, structured goals, integration of tools and understanding of user behavior to collect lead data in a less intrusive manner. Tip: designing a quality sales pitch integrated with the right Call To Action can result in a higher conversion rate.  Talk to us for designing and executing your Digital Marketing strategy

Create a channel strategy to maximize marketing goals based on the business industry.  Cherry pick channels to achieve sales target based on performance metrics and advertising budgets.

Keyword planning and analysis gives a marketing campaign an incredible advantage to get in front of the right customers at the right moment, also analyzing thousands of relevant long-tail keywords can keep campaign cost extremely low while allowing to target the ad campaign to very specific business prospects.

Designing a successful marketing campaign requires a lot of coordinated expertise like designing catchy creatives, impactful headlines, easy descriptions, and the right call to actions, all of these efforts need to be worked with a Campaign goal that is well thought.

A mobile-optimized digital marketing campaign can bring leads upward of 60% based on the business industry and can generate supreme conversion ratio with mobile enriched extensions.

Location and Geo-Targeting are extremely important parameters for customizing a campaign to deliver ads for a predefined location, without location and Geo-Targeting a campaign will deliver ads to irrelevant business locations causing a quick burn of cash, resulting in poor ad performance and less conversion rate. Geo-Targeting primarily helps to reach local business prospects with a targetted advertising approach.

Frequent monitoring of a campaign performance is vital to make sure a campaign performance does not drop,  making frequent adjustments and selections are critical for a campaign success like analyzing Keyword Quality Score, set up Negative Keyword List, use Geo-Targeting for improving local prospects, enable Call Reporting,  create Drafts, run Experiments to find better performance. A lot more can be achieved. Talk to us today.

Campaigns can quickly start gobbling up budgets if not monitored and not optimized frequently. Some practices definitely can save a ton of money like using Bid Simulator on keywords to analyze costs, watching and adjusting Mobile Bids, looking at Search Queries in search console and cherry picking Keywords, build Negative Keywords list that can turn of Ad delivery, use campaigns instead of Ad Groups to easily monitor and manage, always keep an eye on Bid Estimates, use Scheduling for Ad delivery on specific days. Budget optimization plays a critical part in improving ROI and needs to be constantly evolving as Ad delivery becomes complex.

What are reports and Trends if they cannot be visualized, consumed and acted upon, default reporting is for the masses and can be very generic most of the times to act upon, while trends can be hard to see without proper visualization. With custom reports and dashboards, your business can easily communicate goals within the stakeholders and employees to see a clear picture for improving goals and conversion.

Without a shadow of a doubt, you can bank on CGAlive to deliver the best of Digital Marketing Experience for your business. We can research competition, suggest the best Keyword Strategy, constantly optimize Campaign Performance, deliver goals that are measured while saving a ton of money and much more. Talk to CGAlive today to unleash inorganic sales growth.

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