You might have heard and come across the term Digital Marketing more than frequent and chances are that you might have heard how Digital Marketing has transformed many businesses and made them a huge success. In this article, we will detail what is digital marketing, it’s benefits, importance and how to successfully create a Digital Marketing road map for your business.

What is Digital Marketing?

In the good old days, and not so long ago we had salespeople knocking doors and explaining their products and services to create awareness, build leads, convert a lead to a sale and later find new connections through the customer and repeat the cycle, this was a typical sales cycle which was time-consuming, costly and hard to scale up. Many businesses still do this traditional business development, marketing, and sales even today.

But what if we need to reach more customers or sales prospects on a large scale 24/7 without all the traveling, physically being present and knocking on doors is called Digital Marketing, In the new age Digital marketing is a strategy that can help businesses reach new potential customers on various digital platforms like search engines, social media, networking platforms, email channel, news portals, blogs, high traffic websites, video sharing platform, etc.

Imagine billions of audience waiting to be tapped who use social media every day, potential customers searching on google for a product or service, and the list goes on and on, people have smartphones, they are well connected to various digital platforms and consume digital content every day in various forms like watching videos for entertainment, finding phone numbers, getting a map to travel, searching for everything under the sun, what if a business can be present in the consumer digital journey and market themselves at the right time, the marketing possibilities are endless as the reach digital medium can provide tremendous value for money compared with a traditional marketing strategy.

In a nutshell, digital marketing is all about marketing in the emerging digital mediums like search engines, social media, networking site, video sharing, and streaming websites, Digital marketing looks pretty straight forward but comes with challenges, complexities and at the same time opportunities as well!

9 benefits of Digital Marketing

  1. Reach new potential customers quickly
  2. Generate a vast amount of qualified leads
  3. Run marketing campaigns that are more targeted and profiled
  4. Measure digital campaigns precisely
  5. Scale up marketing on a global level
  6. Capture new markets
  7. Keep marketing cost in control
  8. Save travel time and expenses
  9. Improve ROI and bottom line

Importance of Digital Marketing

A professional website with engaging design and content will be a fundamental start and this will be the base for running all your Digital Marketing campaigns, optionally having a blog on your own domain can give you some nice advantages.

How to create a Digital Marketing road map for your business.

  • Profile your audience on age, geography, device usage, etc.
  • Analyze and plan keywords that need to be used on the website.
  • Create a professional website with engaging design and content using your above findings of target audience and keywords to use
  • Create exclusive content by setting up a blog and offer valuable content to generate more traffic to your website (this should be genuine and value-added content)
  • Setup website tracking and gather data on website traffic (will help while creating a campaign)
  • Do an SEO audit and fix any issues (like content, keywords, mobile responsive, page loading, installing SSL, etc.)
  • Create a sales pitch, narrative and implement this on a nicely designed
    landing page on the website to collect lead information
  • Create your relevant social media accounts and load them the professionally designed cover images, sharp profile content, and other required media like showreel, gallery, etc.
  • Choose your digital marketing channel on where you like to start marketing (Google, News Portals, YouTube, Social Media websites, etc.)
  • Create and set up your pay per click campaign, once this goes live you will have to constantly monitor your campaign to tweak relevant settings and optimize your campaign performance.


Adopters of the Digital Marketing Strategy will benefit in numerous ways;

  • Get an edge over the competition
  • Unlock inorganic growth
  • Reach magical sales figures
  • Increase revenue multifold
  • Measure precisely the ROI
  • Forecast growth in a pragmatic manner

Digital Marketing provides a great opportunity that every business can take advantage of by aligning various modern digital channels into their marketing strategy, we at CGAlive will be happy to assist you in your Digital Marketing journey by setting up a rewarding plan that can take account of your revenue targets, marketing budgets and come up with a plan for media selection while suggesting channel ROI and bring the right expertise to execute your next Digital marketing campaign flawlessly. Click here to request a free quote.