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User productivity costs money, time and loss of business.

Good design thrives on function and accompanies design. Tech and Design are Inseparable they need to coexist and compliment for the disruptive things to happen and open the doors to do the unthinkable. Welcome Intuitive design

For web & Mobile apps

Product thinking

Information architecture

Interactive wire frame prototype

High-fidelity mock design

Cross browser HTML5/CSS3

Bootstrap framework

Responsive UI + UX

To become a natural extension with the audience you’re mobile and web apps need to be intelligent, reliable, super productive and also needs to perform glitch free. If you are incubating on mobile or a web app idea, we can create a meaningful strategy and execute it flawlessly.

Apps don’t need to become just facilitators they can be designed to be really clever while performing functions in a less intrusive manner to help user maximize productivity in the friendliest manner. If you are excited with the possibilities of a charming App, talk to us.

Design doesn’t just create order; it creates order with purpose and meaning. We can sit around all day and think that we know, what we want, but at the end of everything, you still need to find out what people want and how best it can be accomplished.

At CGAlive our focus is to develop a good ratio to App value, productivity and the user experience while fine-tuning business ideas with proven methods. Let’s build a better app together.

Companies that are known to focus on meeting user needs will ultimately have a competitive advantage in an increasingly populated marketplace. What we do at CGAlive has the potential to reshape your business and provide a competitive advantage.

At CGAlive we work with a purpose and it’s your success it starts with how we can help you at every step advising, suggesting for you to make the right move by adding value to your grand mission. We bring the outlook and perspective you mostly need also the right expertise and people in designing top of the line Apps.

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For web & mobile apps

Product Thinking

Information Architecture

Interactive wire frame prototype

High-Fidelity Mock Design

Cross browser HTML5/CSS3

Responsive UI + UX

Bootstrap framework