Every business struggles to find the right kind of content and tone for their website and we know for the fact a lot of business are running dated websites which have a boring copy that does not reflect what they do or remotely entice the users to read.

In this article let’s explore different pieces of website content and how to create a list that is effective for your website. For a moment let’s look at what website visitors are looking at a website for so we can work this backward?

Top 3 goals, website audience is looking at your website for?

  1. Sales prospects want to know your offerings and read more
  2. People looking to work for your business want to know the culture
  3. Customer who brought your product/service is looking for support

The list is quite extensive but for a moment let’s say these are the top 3 things people visit a website for. moving on let’s look at business owners requirements and their objectives

Top 6 goals, businesses want to achieve with their website?

  1. Showcase products and services in an interesting way to appeal sales prospects
  2. Offer enough information to influence the target audience
  3. Differentiate offerings from the competition
  4. Show expertise and capability to build credibility
  5. Cement the brand further to build trust
  6. Finally, generate leads so leads can be turned into sales

Now we can see there are different goals for website visitors and businesses, so let’s list out what pieces of content a website needs to meet both website visitors and business owners objectives.

Not necessarily in the order listed

  • Sales pitch one-liners
  • Product/service description write-ups
  • Awards and certifications
  • Product/Service strengths, features, and comparisons
  • Gallery
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Explainer videos
  • FAQ’s
  • About, History, Values, Mission
  • Pricing details, features
  • Call to actions
  • Contact forms
  • News and mentions
  • Industry and survey statistics
  • Research papers

Now that we have a list of different website content pieces list, map these to your business and website visitor goals, finally strike out the ones that don’t sum up and voila we have a content bucket list.

This is an exercise for business owners to know what content they need to come up for an objective based website that can unlock serious benefits for short and long term. Before closing, here are some thoughts.


The above is an exercise only to gather top-level content requirements and making this into a template and applying to every business might not be the best course of action as there are quite a number of variables that need to be accounted for example business domain, industry convention, user expectations, Content narrative, etc.

When a template modal is applied uniqueness, the charm is lost forever and the end result will never be convincing unless it’s coordinated, thought through, well phrased, catchy, has a story to tell that can make an impact.

We can design a professional and engaging website with great content and design that is goal driven and objective based, reach us out to explore some game-changing ideas, request a free quote here