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What is SEO

Online marketing starts with SEO


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process of structuring and formatting web pages of your website so they can be read and indexed by search engines robots or bots. When users search anything on a search engine the engine in return displays results from its indexed inventory. There are more than 20+ parameters used by Google to decide your rank on the search results.

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Why to Invest in SEO

Pay Per Click (PPC)campaignsare only 22% effective and are money bound

Cost Effective

SEO provides fairly Good ROI than advertising

Reach new customers through search engines

Virtually everyone is searching for your products and services on search engines and directories, time to get discovered

Rise of Mobile usage and local relevance

Risk losing new age mobile customers without mobile SEO and local search optimization

Your competitors are doing it

If you’re not moving forward and improving your position, you’re losing ground to a competitor

Increased traffic and Brand awareness

Top position ranks in search engines mean more traffic to your site and increased brand awareness

Your business definitely needs to have an SEO strategy in place if you are interested in succeeding online marketing; it remains one of the single most important components of any organization’s branding efforts and online presence exercise.

When your Business wants to Live

on the Internet you need to hold hands with SEO

Benefits of SEO

SEO returns higher ROI compared to Pay Per Click marketing

BA Consulting
Discover new and more clients and customers
Product thinking
Target more specific clients and customers
Architecture design
Save on advertising cost
Rapid prototyping
Build a strong brand presence
Spread globally easily
Tech development
Stay locally relevant
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Optimized Web Infrastructure

and being search engine friendly is your gateway to finding new and more customers

What we can do

Create sustainable organic traffic

Responsive website
Mobile & tablet friendly Responsive website
conical url
Conical URLs
redirect path
301 and 302 redirect path
page status
404 page and status reflect
Google sitemap submission
Google sitemap submission
index tags
No index tags to control on what gets indexed
Google Analytics
Google Analytics integration
Google search console integration
Google search console integration
SSL Certificate to boost rank
SSL Certificate to boost rank
Set Target country for users
Set Target country for users
Page Titles
Page Titles
Alt Tags
Alt Tags
H1 to H6 tags
H1 to H6 tags
Page speed and loading optimization
Page speed and loading optimization
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SEO around the world

Handy insights and statistics

Top Rank
42% of all searchers click on the top ranked results
First impressions
SEO Campaigns
40% of SEO campaigns achieve returns in excess of 500%
Bounce Rate
Pay Per Click
22% of Pay Per Click campaigns achieve returns in excess of 500%
Loading Loss
When searching on 23% click a PPC link (Pay Per Click)


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